The Man's Coming Around

Legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney takes residence here at Chateau Denmark, from 26th-30th of October. Having tattooed the likes of Lana Del Rey, Travis Barker and Angelina Jolie, Mark will take residence in one of our rooms and apartments - set across 16 buildings along the one hundred yard Denmark Street, where things were never done in half measures.

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ON THE VERGE OF HALLOWEEN - Saturday 28th October from 8pm

We’re proud to present ‘On the Verge’ where resident DJ Lauren Verge brings us some of those sweet Halloween vibes in our bar – Thirteen. Ensconced by Damian Frost’s Soho Tableaux and proudly celebrating a Gothic aesthetic mixed with a little baroque, Thirteen is for curiously bold spirits of Soho and beyond.

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That DNA

Jimi Hendrix called it ‘a safe kind of high’, likely because in truth music is far more about feeling than anything else. Why we listen to it and just what it makes us feel, plays a role in our collective passion for it – because we all remember where we were when we heard that track for the first time.

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