Inspired by Denmark Street’s rare hustle, Chateau Denmark brings together creative expression and fine architectural detail to present something fierce. Across 16 buildings, session rooms and apartments capture a spirited independence in a neighbourhood steeped in cultural heritage.


Over time, Denmark Street has been defined by the characters that have lived and worked here. In truth the street is much more than a street, it’s a story about community, inclusivity and creativity; open in every sense of the word. If you play or you don’t, you know it’s the place where folks have played for decades. Here on the street is where you’ll find the finest craftsmanship with the best-in-class instruments and that purist culture musicians and collectors are famously drawn to.


Brimming with culture, energy and local haunts, Denmark Street and the wider neighbourhood sees a mix of flavours from old classics to modern interpretations. With many new arrivals and announcements coming soon.


A district in every sense of the word, Outernet is a place where both live and digital content perform - right in the middle of London. The point of connection that brings together Covent Garden, Oxford Street and the wider Soho neighbourhoods through harnessing the raw power of imagination, Outernet comprises of The Now Building, Now Trending, an underground venue at 2000 capacity and much more.



"Unashamedly OTT, catwalk-ready personal butlers wear sharp-shouldered violet suits and Taylor Howes’ interiors – spanning punk rock, vintage gothic and modern psychedelia in style – are a riot. Spread across 16 buildings; some go heavy on black and burgundy, with neon signs, oxblood Rorschach-style wallpaper, more fringing than you’d find backstage at a burlesque show, Void Acoustics speakers, rolltop tubs and onyx-tiled bathrooms."

"Amazing rooms... The mantra was “no half-measures”, and it’s unconventional. It’s a dimly lit boudoir with black leather floors, Timorous Beasties wallpaper, a black leather upholstered bed and a wardrobe that looks like a Catholic confessional. It’s only 4pm, but Freddy fixes me a French martini — vodka, Chambord raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice."

Conde Nast Traveller

"Sensory overload in the best way. The décor, best described as goth grandeur – with black leather floors, oversized roll-top bathtubs (ideal for filling with ice and champagne, apparently), sculpted fireplaces and vintage furniture. In case you hadn’t guessed, Chateau Denmark is different from most London properties – arrive with an open mind and a sense of fun."

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