Inspired by the birthplace of the British music scene, we will boldly embrace Denmark Street’s best loved sentiment, creative expression. Chateau Denmark’s session rooms and apartments seek to present a spirited sense of escapism.

Denmark Street

Denmark Street

A place synonymous with both subversive and popular culture, Denmark Street has been fuelling artistic integrity since 1911.

Once home to the Sex Pistols and where the Stones recorded “Not Fade Away” and their first album, Denmark Street has played host to Hendrix, Clapton, Dylan, Bowie and perhaps most arguably, Ziggy Stardust.

Sleep It Off

Chateau Denmark’s 55 session rooms and apartments will evoke a level of craftsmanship that creates a fierce beauty. In early Spring 2022, we'll bring a playful kind of rebellion to London.


Until then, we thought we’d share a little from our backstory.


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