Over time, Denmark Street has been defined by the characters that have lived and worked here. In truth the street is much more than a street, it’s a story about community, inclusivity and creativity; open in every sense of the word. If you play or you don’t, you know it’s the place where folks have played for decades. Here on the street is where you’ll find the finest craftsmanship with the best-in-class instruments and that purist culture musicians and collectors are famously drawn to.

Located in and around Denmark Street, Chateau Denmark’s 55 session rooms and apartments are set within this very community. From No.Tom, Regent Sounds Studio, Sixty Sixty Sounds, Wunjo, Rose Morris and Westside to name a few, the street’s place in popular culture is well documented. Featuring the one-time home of the Sex Pistols to the building that Bowie, Reed and Taylor would hang out in, to the place in which The Stones recorded their debut album, Chateau Denmark brings together cultural legacy and world leading hospitality. Representing a fiercer kind of beauty that brings together a spirited and soulful service with a boldly energetic aesthetic from award winning Taylor Howes Design.

Reflecting the street’s storied past, the session rooms and apartments capture the streets stories, nuances and history. As part of the journey, we’ve discovered folks who share our values while embodying the spirit of Denmark Street. The bathroom amenities have been created from a partnership with Soapsmith, who have been making scents of London since 2012. Celebrating the street as a scene for musical discovery, creative expression and alluring rebellion. The provocative cocktail of promiscuity, filth, fury and rhythm captivates the senses from tip to tail. Designed by Soapsmith, the Denmark Street London range bottles the street's passion for ripping up the rulebook while strutting to the beat of its own distinctive drum. 

While mints come from a partnership with Peppersmith inspired by a mutual sense of provenance and rebellion, Peppersmith and Denmark Street London have teamed up to celebrate an uncompromising flavour that channels both the real and the organic. While outfits, the team’s attire at Chateau Denmark, come from Studio104, bringing fierce flair. Gender fluid, the outfits present everything from a rich textured and tactile aesthetic to utilitarian reinterpretations of boiler suits to skirts with pink snakeskin lining.

Chateau Denmark spans across the old-world architecture of Denmark Street to the striking modernity of the Now Building. The largest of entertainment media brand Outernet’s immersive spaces, the black and gold building forges a bold reworking of common development practise. Its north west facing public atrium features a 360 degree dreamscape courtesy of bleeding edge wrap around media screens, the largest by pixel density anywhere in the world. In addition, the building’s top floor will be home to independent restaurant group Tattu. Making their London debut with plates and tastes inspired by traditional Chinese flavours and ingredients, Tattu will offer guests a sensory experience through a fusion of cooking, culinary exhibition and bold interiors. 

Chateau Denmark’s guests will have privileged access to view, party or perform at one of Outernet’s three live venues with 360 - 2,000 capacity, along with access to a recording studio, fitness and wellness space, shops, other noteworthy bars and restaurants along Denmark Street and a subterranean venue with two underground clubs. Chateau will offer unprecedented connectivity to the district and the wider neighbourhood, whether you’re staying for a moment or the whole year.

For over one hundred years Denmark Street has bought people from all places together to contribute towards a unique pulse. Today, it is our intention to help the street’s distinctive rhythm continue to beat as it always has with a rare hustle, proving it as a place where people make it.

The Listening Bar part 6, ‘A Rare Hustle’ is out now.

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