Denmark Street

Whether it was from Jimi’s upside-down white Stratocaster with a little fuzz distortion or the egg cartons used for sound-proofing a debut album that would ‘Not Fade Away’ or the controversial story of The Kinks’ stabbing an amplifier with a knitting needle to create an impossible guitar tone; they all made a sound that redefined music and helped forge the streets’ DNA. The Listening Bar part 5 gathers just a few folks who are marching to the beat of their own drum and from "That DNA" have moulded and interpreted their own unique style, taking the sound to palpably pioneering heights.

A place that holds royalty status on everything from the subversive to popular culture, Denmark Street has been channelling creativity since 1911.

Denmark Place

Serving as the major artery and connection point between The Now Building, Denmark Arcade and St Giles' Square - Denmark Place is what brings everything together. Boasting a mixture of elaborate, modern and restored facia the small but impact thoroughfare is arterial to the district.

The Now Building

The Now Building is the largest of Outernet London’s immersive spaces. Its north-facing public atrium will feature a 360-degree creative canvas, courtesy of immersive media screens — the largest LED screens anywhere in the world.

While its south side, along Denmark Place, plays host to pop up stores and the upper floors including Session Rooms, offices and of course Tattu.

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