Outernet is an immersive media and entertainment business boasting the Now Building's four storey tall high-resolution wrap-around screens, HERE: a 2000 capacity live events venue, alongside proudly independent restaurants and bars, all situated in the heart of Central London.

HERE at Outernet

Hidden four storeys under the centre of London, a brand-new live events space, part of London’s new Outernet district. HERE is a custom designed blank canvas space crafted to host creative and cultural events from end to end of the live events spectrum. The venue features unparalleled in house technical, sound and lighting equipment. From the custom acoustic treatment to the length and utility of the bars, everything has been designed with quality of experience in mind.

The Lower Third

The Lower Third celebrates creativity in all its forms. From music to cocktails, the art is ever present. A community; the history of their location is sowed into their DNA, championing true creative spirits. 

The venue is steeped in musical history, situated right at the heart of Denmark Street, and delivered to the highest possible standard. 

Now Arcade

Connecting Denmark Street to Denmark Place, Now Arcade is a home for content, moments and unrivalled experiences that wrap around and over you.

The Now Building

The jaw-dropping Now Building has the largest deployment of video screens in the world. At the entrance to Tottenham Court Road tube station on the corner of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road it boasts four storey 360 degree 8k screens with 4D and interactive capabilities.

The Now Building provides a new space for Storytelling, Art, Fashion, Music, Film, Gaming, Technology and Entertainment to come to life in new inspiring ways. The possibilities are limitless.

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