The story

Housed in the very building where The Rolling Stones recorded their debut album, these Lofthouse Apartments follow a less than authoritarian design aesthetic. Sitting above Regent Sounds Studio and with strong accents of punk rock, these apartments tap into the raw and unrivalled energy of Denmark Street, fuelling an alternative perspective on short and long stays. The Who, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix and countless others recorded here and much of that industrial aesthetic has been restored as it remains one of the staple guitar stores along the street. As the rebellious statement piece in these apartments, the bespoke gold trimmed black and white graffitied bed that makes for a bold and raucous aesthetic. While flanking either side, are the marbled moulin noir bedsides sitting below the industrial gunmetal pipe wall lights, employing a repurposed red radiator handle as the switch, deliberately toying with the punk movement’s famous DIY culture.

While opposite, a mirrored wall with inset 45-inch screen complements the sound system, courtesy of world-respected audio manufacturers PMC and Artcoustic, touching the imagination of similar spirited music lovers. The mirrored wall perfectly frames a black-lined verdigris standalone bathtub. Bringing some dramatic intrigue into the apartment the oversized bold wardrobe doors feature diamond patterned embossed leather finishes.

A few of our buildings have original staircases while some apartments feature narrow and short door heights – which have been retained and restored due to their heritage status. That said, we appreciate this may be restrictive to some, so please do let us know if you’d like further information.

In addition to the kitchenette maxi-bar, these Lofthouse Apartments also feature a dining table and statement chairs upholstered in green and red tartan, while the other dining chairs pay respect to Queen and country. Statement bathrooms feature a large walk-in shower with marbled floor, meeting deep forest green tiles. While bronze and brass finishes across taps, faucets and shower heads make for a classic aesthetic rooted in contemporary style.

Whereas our reimagined perspective on the traditional butler, or BTLR, means a team of proudly impassioned individuals ready to meet any rhythm. Insiders in every sense of the term their unique character sets them apart, allowing them to measure the mood and match it to the moment. Bringing Chateau Denmark together with the district and the wider neighbourhood, they’re always in sync. From channelling the good times to facilitating escapism, their “little purple book” ensures more than simply service.

The bathroom amenities have been created from a partnership with Soapsmith, who have been making scents of London since 2012. Celebrating the street as a scene for musical discovery, creative expression and alluring rebellion. The provocative cocktail of promiscuity, filth, fury and rhythm captivates the senses from tip to tail. Designed by Soapsmith, the Denmark Street London range bottles the street's passion for ripping up the rulebook while strutting to the beat of its own distinctive drum. 

The particulars

  • City views
  • Soundproofing
  • Kitchenette Maxi-bar
  • PMC speakers
  • Sample floorplan below
  • Climate control
  • Complimentary Wi-fi
  • Safe
  • Artcoustic speakers
  • 55-inch screen
  • Dining table
  • Stand-alone bathtub
  • Views over Denmark Street
  • Bathroom with a shower
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