With origins tracing back to ancient Celtic times, it is widely believed that Halloween is when the souls of the dead return to their homes. This being the spark that ignited imaginations around the world to wear costumes and light bonfires - so as to ward off evil spirits.

But for some of us, there are spirits and there are spirits and in honour of this, we’re proud to present Saturday 28th October’s ‘On the Verge’ where resident DJ Lauren Verge brings us some of those sweet Halloween vibes in our bar – Thirteen. Ensconced by Damian Frost’s Soho Tableaux and of course proudly celebrating a Gothic aesthetic that’s mixed with a little baroque, Thirteen is a playground for the curiously bold spirits of Soho and beyond. Join us for a night you’ll remember on the verge of Halloween.

Thirteen is a fierce place found at the beginning of the one hundred yard Denmark Street - Thirteen serves drinks & Japanese inspired dishes. Our Soho cocktail bar off Charing Cross Road offers good times with a great beat, while our underground haunt dial8 is expressly for those who know.

If you’re out for good times with a great beat and you’re in search of moments where you’d like to enjoy bad company for a little longer, there’s always ‘Fast Times’ at Chateau Denmark. Available for the remainder of October, this special pairing invites you to enjoy 20% off our best available rate and offers you a £50 credit to spend on food and drink at Chateau Denmark.

Join us for some spirit and soul and here's a peek at the playlist.

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Jimi Hendrix called it ‘a safe kind of high’, likely because in truth music is far more about feeling than anything else. Why we listen to it and just what it makes us feel, plays a role in our collective passion for it – because we all remember where we were when we heard that track for the first time.

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