Thirteen & Denmark Street London are proud to present a very special series of live performances – featuring the talented folks who work in the music stores the street’s known for.  

Each night kicks off from 7pm, you can book a table via

Located at No. 4 Denmark Street where the team believe that buying a guitar here on Denmark Street is more than simply buying an instrument, it’s a culture, a way of doing things and perhaps more than anything it’s a respect for the time where, instrument in hand, musicians would walk down the street, trade songs, record in the studio, have a coffee at La Giaconda, jam with legends and then play on stage at 12 Bar. Performing live and named after the seminal Little Feat tune, the official Regent Sounds covers duo - Truck Stop Girls will play everything from tasteful 60s and 70s folk/country rock to tasteful 60 and 70s folk/country rock. 

The team here have probably forgotten more about the street than most people will ever learn. Spend some time with him at the shop and at some stage you’re going to buy something, whether you play or not. Drenched in culture from across the ages, we popped in and nearly left with a Fender Nocaster, which has a backstory in and of itself. Pulling together what they call 'songs in the key of vitamin D' this DJ set will blend old school funk and soul with rock. Having played from Soho to Ibiza - Marc Hayward is a London based singer and guitarist, who's currently appearing onstage with Black Sabbath - The Ballet.

Tue 12th Dec, TBA

Aside from looking the part, these folks collectively and individually can play; and a simple visit to their shop or Instagram handle, without making them blush, illustrates that they play like the legends played. Where blues and soul and rocknroll come together courtesy of The Fine Cuts line up featuring Chris Harding, Nick Harding, Sam Simmonds, Steve Sherwood & George Love. Set across two sets of good time rocknroll from bands you love, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Wall to wall guitars line every square foot, from acoustic to electric and the odd multi-neck. Wunjo's passion comes from the culture and the craftsmanship of the instruments. A visit to his stores usually means you’ll happen upon key names in the business and a great deal of history that engages and enthrals in equal measures.

Thu 21st Dec, ROSE MORRIS
A stalwart here on Denmark Street, located at No. 8 - the folks here at Rose Morris have been doing what they love for nearly a century. Join us as they come together for a live set in Thirteen.

In partnership with STREETSMART a discretionary £1 will be added to your bill, going directly towards helping the homeless and vulnerable.

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