Inspired by our neighbourhood’s architectural and cultural heritage, Chateau Denmark’s hotel rooms and apartments are across 16 buildings, along and around London’s one hundred yard Denmark Street. Our award winning bar – Thirteen, brings a baroque and gothic charm to the Soho neighbourhood.


A fierce place found at the beginning of the one hundred yard Denmark Street - Thirteen serves japanese inspired plates for lunch and dinner. Our award winning cocktail bar in Soho, Thirteen guarantees good times with a great beat, while underground haunt dial8 is expressly for those who know. Bringing together Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and the wider Soho neighbourhood, Thirteen's line up is out now.

Offers & Experiences

With the Holiday season fast approaching, bringing with it all manner of pomp and ceremony, it's fair to say we're excited to present our offers and experiences. From staying longer to modern luxuries and other special treats - enjoy everything in the city.

Back to Mine

An invitation to enjoy some sweet inclusions – because being direct certainly has its benefits. From overnight escapism to the scene of the after party, we'll bring you special privileges inside and outside of our buildings, when you book direct.

Drinking & Dining

From our very own Thirteen to intimate private event space dial8, Chateau Denmark and the neighbouring district brims with culture, energy and local haunts. Denmark Street and the wider neighbourhood sees a mix of flavours from old classics to modern interpretations - with many new arrivals and announcements coming soon.


Over time, Denmark Street has been defined by the characters that have lived and worked here. In truth the street is much more than a street, it’s a story about community, inclusivity and creativity; open in every sense of the word. If you play or you don’t, you know it’s the place where folks have played for decades. Here on the street is where you’ll find the finest craftsmanship with the best-in-class instruments and that purist culture musicians and collectors are famously drawn to.


A district in every sense of the word, Outernet is a place where both live and digital content perform - right in the middle of central London. The point of connection that brings together Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Tottenham Court Road and the wider Soho neighbourhood, Outernet comprises of The Now Building, Now Trending, underground 2000 capacity live venue; HERE - and more.


"Sensory overload in the best way. The décor, best described as goth grandeur – with black leather floors, oversized roll-top bathtubs (ideal for filling with ice and champagne, apparently), sculpted fireplaces and vintage furniture. In case you hadn’t guessed, Chateau Denmark is different from most London properties – arrive with an open mind and a sense of fun."

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