A collection of special experiences; 'The One-Offs'. Celebrating a few of the things we love to do, but that you don't often hear about. But please, do enjoy them responsibly.


For when you and a group of friends are looking for something you shouldn't be allowed to do.

'All Night Long' is a limited edition special that affords bookers five bedrooms and one very special late night bar. Each guest in a bedroom is permitted to take four friends down to the bar and it is here that you and they can drink, eat and dance - quite literally 'All Night Long'.

Consider it a private club in Soho with all your favourite people, your friends, underground and hidden from plain sight where trouble reigns.


For the moments when one room simply won't do.

Where the glam squad, entourage or simply the whole entire crew - are all welcome. 'The House' is a very special One-off that allows you to enjoy Chateau Denmark in the spirit it was created. Offering you private building takeovers for an entire night, week or much longer.

And so, to the manner born.

T&c's apply.


For when excess is all that matters.

Enjoy our apartments' in room maxi-bars 'In Unlimited Fashion' - where everything's included. From Hennessey to Veuve and everything in between - booking this One-off is freedom personified.

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